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In May 2019, Sam and Mandy were eating f ish & chips, picking through the bits to find something edible.


A conversation started.

MandySeriously, how hard is it to make decent f ish & chips?

Sam  - Not that hard.  South Australia has the best f ish in the world! You could source directly from SA f ishermen, but shops don't. You can get potatoes from SA farmers, but shops don't. You could make your own sauces, but shops don't. You could hand cut, steam and fry your  chips, but shops don't.

A week passed.

Mandy - Remember that chat we had about decent f ish & chips?

Sam - Yep.

Mandy - We need to talk.

The rest, as they say, is history.

In the creation of any new endeavour, there's always 'a moment'. That was ours. But the Angler story started well before this.

Mandy grew up in a family that loves f ish & chips.

"Honestly, love doesn’t adequately describe my family's passion for the Friday night tradition. Although I moved around a lot as a child, one thing I could always count on was Friday Family Fish & Chip Night. It was such a fundamental part of my life, that I continue the ritual today with my kids. 

Most of the time it was take-away from our local shop or Mum would cook up the family favourite. Being a big family, everyone had to tweak the extras: sauce, vinegar, extra salt, no salt and then that wondrous new invention of the late 80s - chicken salt! 

No matter where I have been in the world, eating f ish & chips ignites childhood memories of summer nights, freshly cut lawns and warm sea air and reminds me of the simple happiness of searching for, and then eating, that perfect chip. "

- Mandy (aka Amanda and Aunty Mans)

Sam was born into a food family. 

"I was born into a family that loves food. My Pop always had a great veggie garden and fruit trees. I remember one summer, I would have been about 8, Aunty Mans and I were outside under a massive white peach tree and I was asking her to climb up because I could see the biggest, best-looking peach right at the top. Always up for a challenge, she started climbing. To this day, I still remember how special that peach tasted. The peach tree is long gone, but those memories are still very vivid.

Food has been at the centre of all my family gatherings. My mum is a master at cooking, she has an amazing ability to make anything, out of pretty much nothing. Growing up, school wasn’t really my 'thing' and at age 14, I started working in a restaurant. I think Mum and Dad both thought the hard work might put me off a career in hospitality. Instead, I knew that I had found my passion and my people.  As a Chef, I have taken risks, travelled the world and made the most of the opportunities life has given me. Having grown up in Stirling, I have come full circle to return and finally realise my greatest dream, having my own restaurant."

- Sam